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Community Cleanup Challenge

Keep-Soddy Daisy Beautiful, will be hosting our 1st annual Community Cleanup Challenge April 18th – 25th.

This event is open to all residents in Hamilton County, TN and the surrounding areas. We invite you, your school, club, church, group, or business to compete for prizes to see which team can cleanup the most trash in Hamilton County.

Schedule of events

  • April 18th – 24th
    Teams will go out and pickup litter in the locations and times they choose. There is no limit to how many cleanups a team can do during the contest period. Each time a team goes out to do a cleanup they will need to take pictures and record the cleanup here.
    If you would like to check-out vests, gloves, trash grabbers and trash bags for your team, you can get those from us up to 1 day before your cleanup. Just get in touch with Nate at 541-414-4660.
  • TBD Date
    Celebration for everyone with prizes.


Current Team List

Keep Soddy-Daisy Beautiful (Join team) – Sequoyah Access Rd
Wiegand Family and Farm – Mountain Rd
Green Steps (Join team) – 4/22: Carver YFD/Citico Creek & 4/23: City of Red Bank
Queens Of Wastestream (Join team) – Dallas Hollow Road (from 9320 to the blinking 4way/Sequoyah Access Rd)
Daisy Elementary – Daisy Elementary School
Lovell rd Team – Lovell Rd
Ivy Academy Student Council – the area near Sonic on Dayton Pike
Warren & Griffin Trash Pandas – Dayton Pike
Trash Masters – Sequoyah from Autumn Glen Dr. – Green Pond Rd.
Sasquatch’s Unusual Removal Squad – North Chickamauga Creek/ The Blue Hole
Clark Circus – Pickett/Stormer Road area in Creek & out by the Bakewell Kangaroo
Trash Pandas – Outdoor parks or trails would be ideal, but we’re happy to help anywhere in Soddy Daisy where it’s needed!
Good Clean Fun and Chickamauga Fly & Bait Casting Club – Lee Pike and Mt. Tabor
Keep the TN River Beautiful + TDOT + KSDB – Booker T. Washington State Park (Chattanooga)
Litter Loathers – Montlake Rd
Wynne and Harvey Anderson – Sections of Montlake Rd

Contest Rules

  1. Have fun but be safe! Read the safety guidelines BEFORE you venture out to do a cleanup.
  2. In order to be eligible for the contest your team must submit documentation for each cleanup you do during the contest time period, including photos (of bags and items collected and a photo of your team in the field). We also need this in order to know WHERE to pickup the collected trash so we can dispose of it.
  3. Bags and items collected will be calculated based on size and/or weight and its solely up to the Keep Soddy-Daisy Beautiful team on how to calculate them for contest purposes.


Details coming soon!


  1. Most Trash Collected award
    The team that collects the most overall trash will win this award and be named the champions of the 2022 Community Cleanup Challenge.
  2. The Most Trash Collected (per person) award
    Teams can be made up of one individual or hundreds or people. In order to calculate this award, the number of bags will be divided by the number of team members. For example, team 1 has 3 team members. They collect 5 bags of trash throughout the collection period. Their score is 5/3=1.66. Team 2 has 50 team members. They collect 30 bags of trash. Their score is 30/50=0.6. Team 1 wins that metric.
  3. The Most Bizarre Trash Item award
    Found something ridiculous on your cleanup like a pair of duck feet slippers or a Ronald McDonald head? Take a photo and submit it for the Most Bizarre Trash item award.
  4. The Largest Trash Item award
    Found a mattress, couch or something else really large? Submit it for Largest Trash Item award.


What do I do with the trash that I bag up?

1. Put all of your bags and trash items together in a pile on the side of the road (off the road). If you are cleaning along a long portion of a road and its not realistic to gather them all into one pile, try to make two or three piles with multiple bags each. Make sure bags are tied closed as well.
2. Take one or more pictures of each pile.
3. Submit those photos and additional details here.
4. Within 24-48 hours the trash will be picked up by a partner organization and disposed of properly.

What do I do with large items that don’t fit in bags?

Don’t worry about trying to bag up large or awkward items such as tires or mattresses that don’t fit well in bags. Just set them next to one of your filled trash bags and take a picture of the item. Large items will count toward your total bag count.

How many team members can we have?

There is no limit. You can be a team of one or one hundred.

Where do I get supplies such as trash bags, gloves and safety vests?

We will provide these items to your team before the event.

What do I do with any recyclables?

Throw them away. Most litter that we find has degraded or has liquid/dirt/food etc and cannot be recycled.

Sponsors and Donations

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